Vacation Days:

Families who are enrolled full time (4 or more days) will receive one week of vacation.
Vacation days will be averaged into each family's monthly tuition. Parents agree to give
a 2 weeks notice before using vacation days. In the event of an extended leave of
absence families will forfeit their vacation time.

An extended leave of absence is a period of greater than two weeks.

If you choose to have your child take an unpaid leave of absence (ie: summer vacation)
you will then run the risk of losing your child’s spot. Unpaid spots will not be held
throughout the summer. We cannot guarantee that there will be availability after an
unpaid leave of absence. If you do not want to risk losing your child’s spot, then you are
responsible for paying your regular rate during the leave of absence (ie: summer
vacation) whether your child attends daycare or not. Families that are on a wait list or
wish to enroll will be filling unpaid spots. The provider will call you while on a leave of
absence if your child is in danger of losing their spot. You will then have the option to
bring your child back at that time. Occasionally special arrangements can be made.

Provider Vacation/ Sick Days:
The provider will be allowed two weeks of paid vacation per calendar year (January
through December). At least two weeks notice will be provided to the families for
individual days off and no less than 30 days notice will be provided for longer vacations.

If the provider becomes ill and is unable to provide adequate care for the children, the
daycare will need to close. On these days, parents will be notified with as much notice
as possible. The first 2 sick days will be paid days. Any following days will be unpaid. 

Please have a plan for backup childcare.

Vacation Days

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