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Medication Policy

A Place To Grow Daycare LLC.

Medications can be stored and administered by the provider under the following
guidelines which are set forth by the Oregon DHS Regulation and License Division. A
Place To Grow requests that all medications be delivered directly to the provider and
that proper documentation is completed. Expired medication will not be kept on site and
will be returned to the parent. All medications and first-aid supplies are kept on site
under childproof lock. An additional box is provided for medications that need to be
refrigerated. The following first-aid supplies are kept on site at all times:

* fever thermometer
* band aids
* sterile bandages
* tape
* antibiotic cream
* diaper cream
* children's Tylenol

If your child has an allergy that may require the use of an EPI-pen, A Place to Grow will
require their own to be kept on site which will be provided by the parent or guardian. If
your child would ever require the use of the EPI-pen while in attendance the following
steps will be taken:
* The EPI-pen will be injected by a certified and trained provider
* 911 will be called after the EPI-pen is injected.
* The parent or guardian will then be contacted and given further

A Place To Grow requires that all children in care have immunizations and a copy kept
on file within 10 days of starting. If your family has chosen not to have your child
immunized, you must complete a Refusal of Immunizations form which are available at
the Clackamas ESD office located at 13455 SE 97th Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015.
Parents are responsible for providing an updated copy of the child's immunization
record each time they receive new shots.