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Parent/ Provider Communication

Upcoming Closures

November 22nd: Thanksgiving

November 23rd: Day after Thanksgiving



Current Theme

Orchard Harvest

Letters I, L, & E

Numbers 3 & 4

Squares & the color Red

Character Trait- Patient

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Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

* Notify A Place To Grow if your child will not be attending via email, call, or text message.
* Notify A Place To Grow in advance if anyone other than the parent or guardian will pick the child up.

* Notify the the provider of any special needs your child may have. The information must also be listed on your child’s enrollment form.
* Clock your child in/out daily.
* Honor A Place ago Grow's operating hours by not dropping your child off before 7:30 am and picking your child up by 5:30 pm.
* Update your child’s records as changes occur.
* Notify the provider in the event of questions or concerns with policies and procedures.
* Have your child's daycare account current.
* Notify in writing any changes to your child’s enrollment status or intention to withdraw from A Place To Grow.