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Pick Up and Drop Off

A Place To Grow Daycare LLC.

Please have your child rested, clean, and dressed for the day at drop-off. Parents are responsible for bringing their child into the home each morning. When doing so they must sign their child in. Parents must come into the home and sign their child out before leaving. No child is allowed to leave the house without being accompanied by an adult. If the child is going to be picked up by someone other than the primary caregiver, the provider needs to know in advance about the change.

It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents, or cry when dropping off. Please make your drop-off loving and brief. The longer you prolong the departure, the harder it gets. A smile, cheerful goodbye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back is all that is needed. In my experience, children are nearly always quick to get involved in play or activities shortly after parents are gone.

Please be brief at pickups as well. This is a time of testing, when two different authority figures are present (the parent and the provider). All children will test to see if the rules still apply. During arrival and departure, we expect parents to respect and back up our rules. Please be in control of your child during pick up times.

If the person picking up a child appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, another authorized person will be called to pick-up both the child & adult. If there is a Court Order keeping one parent or guardian away from the child, A Place To Grow must have a copy of the Court Order on file otherwise we cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.